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Our Athlete Program Supports

A community of active, driven people, set on leading by example to elevating their community.

That’s why we chose you.


  •  Generous discounts for you and your crew

  • Opportunity to help out at events, sometimes you’ll race for free , sometimes you’ll score gear

  • Instagram exposure and you’ll be featured on our website

  • Opportunity to be a leader in our community

  • You’ll test out new gear from time to time, on us

  • Get early access to all new products

  • You get access to a range of ‘pro-deals’ and discounts


How does it work?

Terms and expectations


Repping UBX

As a representative of UBX we believe you’ll rep our gear proudly!

An initial purchase of at least one pair is necessary using your code when you first come on board as an ambassador.

If there is an upcoming event that you plan on helping out with as your intro to the team, that can be an alternative way to receive your first pair of fancy socks.

We trust your judgement, rock the socks however you see fit!

Social Media

Social media is the major responsibility for UBX ambassadors.
You are the face of our growing athletic community.
Exciting right?

You don’t need to post every day, nor do we expect you to, in fact don’t feel pressured.
What we do want is for you to post often, at your own pace, with your own influential style.
You’ve got this!

You must have a minimum 400 followers on Instagram

An ideal amount would be several times a month of any of the following.

Mention us in your bio with something like #teamubx @ubx.canada or
UBX Ambassador @ubx.canada

Whenever you post about us, please use the following hashtags
#ubxcanada #teamubx #ubxsocks

Post photos or videos of you or your crew wearing UBX socks or apparel

Repost our stories if they’re about an event or a social

If anyone reaches out to you about socks, do your best to answer their question.
You can always hand them off to us if you’re unsure.
We’re a team and we’re happy to work you!

Discounts, Pro-deals, and Gear

Here’s where it gets real exciting.

Just for being an ambassador you get 25% OFF of anything on our website using your custom code.
That being said you also get 15% OFF for your crew.
As they use your discount, your discount improves.
After 10 people use your 15% OFF code your personal discount goes up to 30%, after 25 it jumps to 35% OFF!
We’ll email you a code if we haven’t already!

UBX is a growing company and from time to time we’ll introduce new products before they’re released to the general public, we need those to be tested.
Lucky you!

You may be the one who gets to sport the proto types on us.
Which is essentially FREE gear!!

Given that we know the nature of what it’s like to be an active person, we decided to reach out to some friends and get a range of pro-deals for all UBX ambassadors.
This may include exclusive deals on gear, nutrition, races, etc,

We’re always looking to add to the list, it will change from time to time.

Wow what an event! 🏃❤🔥
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to hear @michelletherunner and @wayne.robinson.triguy share their elite strategies for  coping with the mental side of sport, run a fun relay through #trilliumpark, and to checkout some #ubx socks 🙏
Thanks @tribetomark and @michelletherunner for leading the dynamic warm up 🙌
A mighty shoutout to @tribe_fitness for hosting us and offering as always, a top-notch experience. We'll see you at @ragnarrelay ...
If you can catch us 😉 🏃💨
Keep an eye out, more events are on the horizon 🚴🏃🍻
For those of you who attended. Remember to hashtag, and tag @ubx.canada in your event post. We'll shoot you a DM with our event promo as promised ✌❤
#ubx #ubxcanada #torontofitness #lululemonto
#runto #fitnesstribe #toronto #raptors #runlife #runtown #the6ix #torontolife #multisportcanada #multisport #ubxsocks #torontorunning #downtowntoronto #grouprun #runcrew #raceseason #ontario #ragnar #mizunorunning #sportislife #runday

Event and Promotions

We encourage you to help out with events, not only does it expose you to community, it helps us offer the best experience possible to those attending.
As a bonus, you’ll always be rewarded for helping out.
We’re a team, we’re here to support you.
Let’s get it!

If you have ideas on event that you want to coordinate or stores you think we should be in.
Shoot us an email! Let’s talk, we’ll collaborate, let’s grow together.

When we have promotions, we ask that you help us spread the message through your network, social media, and whatever other creative ways get the word out there!


  • All ambassador positions are offered on a 6 month term beginning as soon as the first sock is purchased

  • You can’t be an ambassador for another sock company
    while you’re an ambassador with us

  • Your discount codes will be sent to you and ambassador emails will arrive in your inbox periodically.
    Keep an eye out!

  • You must be following us on Instagram and Facebook

  • Your 25% discount code is to be used by ONLY you, give out the 15% as much as you want!!

  • Pro-deals and exclusive discounts are to be used by only you,
    breaking this rule can compromise the discount for all ambassadors.
    Don’t be a party pooper, please.



Hashtags, UBX information, upcoming events


This is where we’re going to put our social information  #ubxcanada #teamubx #ubxsocks #fortheloveofmovement #ubxwear #ubx   Tag @ubx.canada    Recommended App for reposts   Etc.

This is where we’re going to put our social information

#ubxcanada #teamubx #ubxsocks #fortheloveofmovement
#ubxwear #ubx

Tag @ubx.canada

Recommended App for reposts